About us

Who we are & how we work?

Ekisan is a chain of the farmers of local area and now we are here to complete this chain by joining the customers in this chain. We understand the problems of our farmers. Our farmers sacrifice for us and his family. He works in field from before sunrise to after sunset but can’t get the value only for his work. Then the other side our customers always try to get good quality product in fewer prices but he can’t get. Then he needs to adjust the quality with price.

All these problems are created by the long supply chains and various platforms between farmer and customer. These platforms make long the supply process and also increase the real value of the product and decrease the product quality also.

We are here to bridge this gap. ekisan is a single chain of farmers and customers which reduces this long process and gives affordable price. Ekisan is solving these entire problems for all our farmers and customers by one step towards ekisan.

Why eKisan?


1. Stay home, we deliver.


One step towards eKisan can bring your farm to your kitchen.

Many times we think that in our busy schedule we have to give some time to our health. For a good health first we look up to our diet. Fruits and vegetables are naturally good, provide important vitamins and minerals. They should be consumed daily in good proportions to maintain a healthy life. For a good diet we need to add fresh, highly nutrient and non-pesticides vegetables and fruits. For this we daily goes to market, mandi to purchase fruits, vegetables and other kisan products. We visit the fast moving market with a lot of confusions like which one is fresh, which one I need more, which shop price is cheapest for me, after all you will also think about avail items at your home. Then all items you need will not available at a same shop for this you need to go here and there with all that confusions. And all this things happen to us with in one or two days. It consumes a lot of time of your busy schedule.

eKisan is here to solve your all of these problems.

There comes a need of a reliable online store where you can find varieties of fruits, vegetables and other kisan products that are fresh, natural as well as healthy. Explore our website and stock up your daily necessities and can choose a package for a month based on daily diet plan for healthy life.

You can order online fruits, vegetables and other kisan products from anywhere with your choice without any interruption in your work. eKisan assure you about quality, price and timely delivery.

2. Know your farmer-

We are providing the facility to know your farmers. Our customers can see that the product they are using is who and how is growing So that they can be assure about the quality of the product. Customers can review and rate about the quality of product thus we can also add the customers requirement in product as they want.

3. Eat healthy & stay healthy with ekisan

eKisan provides you package of vegetables and fruits based on daily required nutritional diet for healthy life.

Plans vary according number of family members.

If you choose a plan then no need to worry daily about what I order, how much I order and what I cook.

Just go in your kitchen, cook and take a healthy diet.

4. eKisans registered farms and farmers

It reduces the steps using to deliver the product.

We take the product from our registered farms and deliver at your door only in single step.

eKisan provides best quality seeds and natural fertilizers to registered farmers and also ensures the harvesting process.

All our farmers approach meetha pani for harvesting.

It will assure you about your vegetable and fruit quality.

eKisan gives digital and physical visit of the farms so that you can know how your product is growing and you can feel that it is your own farm’s product.

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