Why Subscription?

ekisan subscription based plan is intended to help people get adequate nutrition and enjoy hassle free vegetable and fruits shopping for a month. It is just like ordering on any other day, but comes with the facility of choosing the fruits and vegetables required for a month on a single go. It is convenience at its best with “Skip” option and “Edit” option to subscription.

How it Works?

The subscription kit from ekisan is designed for convenience. For subscribe our kit, first you have to choose package according to your family size and type of delivery which you want (daily, second day, third day) and you could get up to 30/15/10 deliveries in a month. After choosing that, there are two categories in vegetables ‘regular and random’. You can choose up to 7 items in regular and 10- 20 items for random. After subscription you have to pay package cost at the time first delivery of your plan. Your amount will be added in your wallet. Your delivery kit will be packed with regular items, fruits and random items as per required nutrition for good immune system. Each box will contain items from the list you have chosen while subscribing – It’s your privilege to choose what items to be included in each kit. Require something specific with the delivery? Just add a note and we will make sure that it will be delivered to you. We assure you that you will enjoy the healthy and testy diet with our nutritional based package.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • • The subscription model is tailored to meet the vegetable, fruits and nutritional needs of different family types. Our subscription model is available for family sizes ranging from 2 to 5 members.
  • • The subscription kits will be delivered to you as per your choice. You can choose between third day, second day or daily in a week. In total you will get a minimum of 10 kits and up to 30 subscription kits in a month.
  • • For every subscription you must choose minimum of 8 items, it can be chosen under “Regular” or “Random”. Regular items will be delivered in every kit and Radom items will be packed by us to help you in cooking great recipes. Number of items is depends on the price value of each items against your subscription cost.
  • • Yes. The subscription kit is designed to meet the vegetable needs of each family and nutritional needs of each family member. Be it kids or grownups, our policy of ‘daily, second day, third day delivery’ will meet the needs for the daily.
  • • Yes. After choosing your subscription plan, you can choose the vegetables, the fruits and all other items you need for the month. We will shuffle the vegetables you have chosen to help you enjoy a complete and healthy diet.
  • • The buttons you can find below an item are the “Regularly” and “Randomly”. You can click either of the two buttons to add the item to your subscription list.
  • • Include regularly is a delivery option that you can use to get specific items delivered with every cycle subscription kit. The cycles will be decided according your package. You can choose up to 6 items in this category. The items selected will be displayed in the Included Regularly detail box.
  • • Include Randomly is a delivery option that you can use to get items delivered randomly with your subscription kit. You can choose between 10-20 vegetables in this category. The items selected will be displayed in the Included Randomly detail box.
  • • Yes. Go through your subscription listing page and choose the Edit button. Now it’s your turn to change the kit.
  • • The cost of the subscription depends upon the size of the family. To get daily delivery for a two member family, the subscription will cost Rs. 3599 for a month while the subscription will cost Rs.7699 for a 5 member family.
  • • Yes. Just call our customer care at 9414037278 and we can stop the subscription. You can use your wallet amount for our store/online purchases .
  • • If you require a break from the subscription, you can skip subscription for next 1 week.
  • • After choosing the subscription plan that suits you, you need to pay the whole amount in order to get your first delivery. The money you pay will be transferred to your wallet and it will be deducted automatically according to the bill amount of each kit.
  • • When your wallet doesn’t have the amount sufficient for packing the items for your next subscription kit delivery, we will inform you and you can recharge your wallet for uninterrupted delivery. You can top up your subscription through your ekiasn account.
  • • Yes, you can use your Wallet to purchase items out of the subscription kit. If the amount is not sufficient for the next subscription kit we will inform you.
  • • Yes, you can use your Wallet to purchase items out of the subscription kit. If the amount is not sufficient for the next subscription kit we will inform you.
  • • If you have completed your subscription cycle and have balance in the wallet, it will be credited towards the renewal of your subscription. You would only need to pay the remaining subscription amount for renewing the subscription.
  • • First preference of vegetable selection in all kits goes to those items which you chosen in Regular, so firstly we will try to pack items from Regular list. Together with this our other criteria is the per box price. While packing, upon selecting 4/3 items from regular list, 2 fruits, and start selecting items from random list until reaches per box price.
  • • We can understand from your vegetable selection, that your family is loved with very few variety of vegetables – so we will help you by packing more quantity of your favorite veggies until per pack price reaches +/-10% of your average per box price.
  • • We have designed our subscription in such a way that you will feel love with our subscription. Skip and Edit features are most attractive. Still you want to stop, call our customer care executive at 9414037278 and stop subscription
  • Subscription cashback is to attract more customers to hassle free subscription. These cash backs are only available for subscription purchase. If you are stopping subscription the cashback credit will be expire.
  • You can recharge your subscription plan by making an online payment either with your debit or credit card Is it safe to use my credit or debit card on ekisan.
  • You can do a recharge on your subscription plan every 1 week or 1 month as per your requirements

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